Inheritance law

Many testators would rather not leave the passing on of their business or private estate to family or third parties exclusively to the law. Thus, inheritance law plays a role particularly in the life-time or testamental transfer of estate, but also has an often underestimated significance with respect to emergency planning and for compensatory and equal treatment considerations in the case of company successions.

After death, it is in many cases advisable for heirs and persons entitled to a legal portion to seek legal advice and, if need be, representation. Our main focus is on the amicable solution of the issues in question and the avoidance of protracted legal disputes.

We are active in particular in the following areas:

  • advice on the fundamental question of whether and how much estate should be conveyed to the successor in the form of gifts during the lifetime of the incumbent owner, or only be passed on upon the testator's death
  • the drawing up and execution of wills (testament, joint testament, inheritance contract), particularly with respect to last wills and testaments such as, above all, appointment of heirs (including provisional and reversionary heirs), granting of legacies, requirements, conditions, administrative instructions, instructions and proscriptions for the apportioning of an estate, testament execution and family law provisions
  • advice concerning legal portion law
  • optimising inheritance and gift tax
  • advice and support in amicable inheritance disputes through to litigation in conflicts relating to inheritance law