Accounting and tax law | International tax law

In our day-to-day advisory practice, questions about tax matters and planning deliberations play a important part. This applies above all to the areas of estate and succession planning, structuring and reorganisation of companies and company transactions. As far as the areas of trusts, associations and other non-profit organisations are concerned, tax law is important particularly with respect to charitable status. In the case of property transactions in the commercial area, it is above all questions concerning income tax, corporate income tax and land transfer tax have to be clarified. In the area of inheritance law, tax issues mainly relate to inheritance tax law, while in the case of cross-border business activities international tax law plays a central role for our clients. Accordingly, we advise particularly in the following areas:

  • company taxation
  • income tax and corporate income tax law
  • charity law
  • international tax law
  • inheritance tax law
  • land transfer tax law
  • indirect taxes, above all VAT